Diabetic Patient Centric Growth Strategy


The Seller

The seller and architect of this offering is a multinational healthcare marketing professional. With 40 years industry specific experience, he has founded and managed both private and public sector companies. In addition to domestic operations, he has operated offices in Australia and Japan. Products that he has developed have been sold globally. 

Having extensive online marketing experience, his domain portfolio contains some of the most highly sought after digital properties within the healthcare category:

  • HomeDeliveryPharmacy.com  Home Delivery Pharmacy
  • PharmacyHomeDelivery.com  Pharmacy Home Delivery
  • BrandNameDrugs.com  Brand Name Drugs
  • OverTheCounterDrugs.com  Over The Counter Drugs
  • OTCproducts.com  OTC Products
  • SRpharmacy.com  Sr Pharmacy
Cited domains are not included in offering, but are available as separate purchases.

The Broker

An extensive e-business/ e-commerce background established in 1998, I have experience in multiple disciplines related to conducting business online.
  • Extremely active in the premium domain aftermarket (resale)
  • Emphasis on "Category Killer" domains
  • Domain name research, registration, buying, selling, investing, leasing, transfers & development
  • Operate numerous websites dedicated to marketing domains
  • Completed 1,000's of domain related transactions
  • 6 figure transaction experience
  • Private transaction specialist (the bulk of my business)
  • Moniker, Sedo, Sendori, Escrow.com and related experience
  • T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Expo attendee/ 2007 New York & Las Vegas


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