Diabetic Patient Centric Growth Strategy

Diabetes Pharmacy

Diabetes Care lacks a dominate category leader. The objective of this website is to present a diabetic patient centric growth strategy to retail pharmacy entities. The strategy is devised to enhance both retail and e-tail distribution channels of the parent pharmacy.

Central to execution is the integration of the Diabetes Pharmacy brand within the parent pharmacy's brand, including the implementation of key domain names specific to diabetes management. 
The goal of the strategy is take ownership of the diabetes management category off and online.

Brand awareness initiatives for the Diabetes Pharmacy brand have undergone implementation online.

Potential buyers include
 pharmacy chains, superstore & warehouse chains having pharmacy operations, independent pharmacy co-ops, significant mail order & online pharmacies having retail store aspirations. Insurance provider, Medical house, VC, incubator and startup entities may be considered.

The chief architect/ strategist is a multinational healthcare marketing professional. With 40 years of industry specific experience, he has founded and managed both private and public sector companies.


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